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Cub Scouts

Want to join? You can look at this list of Cub Scout Packs, which has meeting places and contact information, or at this map of Packs, which shows the meeting places on a map of Durham County. You can also request information online.

Cub Scouting is the program for boys in the first through fifth grades. In Cub Scouting, boys, families, and adult leaders work together to influence a boy's character development and spiritual growth, foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills, and provide fun and exciting new things to do.

Find a Cub Scout Pack in Durham!

Cub Scouts belong to a Den, which is a group of five to eight boys in the same grade. First graders are called Tigers, second graders are called Wolves, third graders are called Bears, and fourth and fifth graders are called Webelos. Dens meet 2-4 times per month, either in someone's home or at a pre-determined location, where the boys work on various activities, play games, and have fun.

Once a month, several Dens meet as a Pack in a facility provided by the organization which sponsors the Pack. Pack meetings involve activities, games and fun, like Den meetings, but also include songs and skits, ceremonies, and recognition and awards for individual Cubs.

Activities in the Den . . .

  • Work on Advancement Cub Scouts earn awards by completing activities which are fun and age-appropriate. Some of these activities are meant to be completed at home with family members, and others are completed at Den meetings.
  • Play Games: Games are great ways for boys to learn to cooperate with each other, and to build skills.
  • Tell Jokes and Stories, Perform Skits: Most boys love to entertain, and at Den meetings they can entertain each other with jokes and stories. They can also work together to perform skits.

And in the Pack . . .

  • Pinewood Derby: From a rectangular piece of pine, Cubs work with parents to shape, sand, paint and decorate a race car. The Pack gathers in January for the Pinewood Derby, where all Cubs race their cars on a special track owned by the Pack. Winners get to race at the Mawat District Pinewood Derby.
  • Family Camping: Cubs, their parents, and their siblings are all welcome when the Pack goes camping. Swimming, games, and skits around the campfire are all big favorites of the boys.
  • The Blue and Gold Banquet: All the families in the Pack gather for Scouting's annual birthday party and celebration of Scouting. Good food and fellowship, topped off with skits by the Scouts themselves.


More information on Cub Scouting is available here, or at the Boy Scouts of America's Web site.

The safety and protection of boys in the Cub Scout program is of utmost importance. Learn more about how Scouting keeps youth members safe.


Scouts in Durham

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Boys in Grades 1-5
Boys 11-17 years old
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To locate a Scouting unit outside of Durham County visit BeAScout.org

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