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Cub Scouts
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Cub Scouts What is Cub Scouting?
What are the ideals of Cub Scouting?
How is Cub Scouting organized?
What fun things do Cub Scouts do?
Frequently Asked Questions:
   How do I find a Cub Scout Pack to join?
      List of Cub Scout Packs
      Map of Cub Scout Packs
   When and where does the Pack meet?
   When and where do dens meet?
   How much does it cost?
   What do we need to do to join?
   How can adults help?
   How are youth members kept safe?

* What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting is the program established by the Boy Scouts of America for boys in the first through fifth grades. In Cub Scouting, boys, families, and adult leaders work together to achieve these objectives:

  • Influence a boy's character development and spiritual growth.
  • Develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body.
  • Improve understanding within the family.
  • Strengthen a boy's ability to get along with others.
  • Foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills.
  • Provide fun and exciting new things to do.
  • Show a boy how to be helpful and do his best.
  • Prepare him to be a Boy Scout.

More information on Cub Scouting is available at the Boy Scouts of America's Web site.

* What are the ideals of Cub Scouting?

These ideals are expressed in the promise, law and motto which all Cub Scouts learn:

Cub Scout Promise: I, (name), promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.
Law of the Pack: The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.
Cub Scout Motto: Do Your Best.

* How is Cub Scouting organized?

The Den . . .

Cub Scouts belong to a "Den," which is a group of five to eight boys in the same grade. First graders are called "Tigers," second graders are called "Wolves,", third graders are called "Bears," and fourth and fifth graders are called "Webelos." Each Den is led by an adult called the "Den Leader," and assisted by other Den parents. Dens meet 2-4 times per month, either in someone's home or at a pre-determined location, where the boys work on various activities, play games, and have fun.

The Pack . . .

Once a month, several Dens come together to meet as a "Pack." Packs are sponsored by a "chartering organization," usually a church, and generally meet in a fellowship hall or other facility which is part of that church. Pack meetings involve activities, games and fun, like Den meetings, but also include songs and skits, ceremonies, and recognition and awards for individual Cubs. Pack meetings are led by an adult called the "Cubmaster."

The District and the Council . . .

Cub Scout Packs in Durham County are part of Mawat District. Mawat District and other districts in central North Carolina are part of Occoneechee Council. Both the District and the Council occasionally sponsor special, larger events for Cub Scouts to attend.

* What fun things do Cub Scouts do?

There are so many, it's hard to list them all. Also, the Cub Scouting program is designed so that Cubs at each level can do activities suitable for that age. Den activities include crafts, telling jokes and stories, learning about our country, and playing games. Here are some activities at the Pack level that all Cub Scouts seem to enjoy:

  • Pinewood Derby: From a rectangular piece of pine, Cubs work with parents to shape, sand, paint and decorate a race car. The Pack gathers in January for the Pinewood Derby, where all Cubs race their cars on a special track owned by the Pack. Winners get to race at the Mawat District Pinewood Derby.
  • Family Camping: Cubs, their parents, and their siblings are all welcome when the Pack goes camping. Swimming, games, and skits around the campfire are all big favorites of the boys.
  • The Blue and Gold Banquet: All the families in the Pack gather for Scouting's annual birthday party and celebration of Scouting. Good food and fellowship, topped off with skits by the Scouts themselves.

* Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Cub Scout Pack to join?

You can look at this list of Cub Scout Packs, which has meeting places and contact information, or at this map of Packs, which shows the meeting places on a map of Durham County. You can also request information online.

When and where does the Pack meet?

The Pack usually meets once a month, for an hour or a little longer. Pack meetings are normally held at a facility provided by the chartering organization.

When and where do dens meet?

Den meeting times and locations are determined by the individual dens. Dens meet two, three or four times a month, and meetings usually last for an hour or a little longer. Meetings may take place at the homes of parents, or in rooms supplied by the chartering organization.

How much does it cost?

Annual dues for Boy Scouts of America are $11.00. Subscriptions to Boy's Life, Scouting's magazine for youth members, costs $12.00 per year. Individual Packs also often charge dues in addition to those paid to BSA. Some need-based financial assistance is available from the Occoneechee Council's Scoutreach program.

What do we need to do to join?

  1. Complete an application for each boy, and submit it to a Pack volunteer with appropriate payment. 
  2. Purchase a Cub Scout uniform from the Occoneechee Council Scout Shop at 3231 Atlantic Ave in Raleigh (map) or online at www.scoutstuff.org. Check with Pack adult leaders first to see which parts of the uniform are required for the different levels within Cub Scouts - Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos.
  3. Purchase the appropriate Cub Scout book (Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos) from the Council Scout Shop at the same time.

How can adults help?

We're glad you asked! There are a number of ways adults can help Scouting be successful:

  • First and foremost, support your son in his Scouting activities. Make sure he has his uniform and his book. Keep up with the calendar of Scout activities, and make sure that he attends his den meetings and events, and Pack meetings as well. Work with him on advancement activities throughout the Scouting year, so that he can earn his badge and other awards.
  • Help the den leader and other adults in your son's den in the planning and hosting of den meetings and activities. The den is the basic, and in many ways the most important, unit in Cub Scouting. Success and fun in Scouting begins with an active den that has meetings and activities that are fun for the boys.
  • Volunteer some of your time and talents at the Pack level. Pack meetings and activities are a lot of fun for the boys, and they welcome the chance to be in a group much larger than their den. Pack meetings also require more planning and preparation than den meetings, and help is always welcome. As in any volunteer-run organization, there are a number of positions with varying time commitments and levels of responsibility. Let the current Pack volunteers know that you're willing to help, and they'll help you find a job that you're comfortable with. If you're new to Scouting, don't let that stand in your way; no experience is necessary!

How are youth members kept safe?

The safety and protection of Cub Scouts is of utmost importance. Learn more about how Scouting keeps youth members safe.

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