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Friday, 01 March 2013 15:52
"Here, then, is Scouting in a nutshell: 
A game for boys under the leadership of boys with the wise guidance and counsel of a grown-up who has still the enthusiasm of youth in him. A purposeful game, but a game just the same, a game that develops character by practice, that trains for citizenship through experience in the out-of-doors."


[emphasis in the original attributed to Lord Baden Powell by Green Bar Bill Hillcourt 1936]




  • Occoneechee Council Camps - [Camp Durant, Camp Reeves & Camp Campbell] Information, reservation forms and maps. This page contains links to BSA high adventure bases, the Guide to Safe Scouting and Tour Plan information.
  • Eluwak Chapter Order of the Arrow, Our District chapter page with information and calendar links
  • Camping Gear - A backpacking checklist along with links to REI workshop calendar, Scout Direct, Great Outdoor Provision Co., Cabela's and other camping gear retailers.

  •  New  Program for Summer Camp in 2015 at Camp Durant


  • Link to a folder with all the information and Summit flyer
  • WHO              Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts and Leaders

    WHAT:           Camp Durant Program High Adventure Event           


    WHEN:                     Summer camp 2015

  • WHERE          The Summit, Beckley West Virginia

    WHY:             For the most fun - EVER

    COST:             Youth:         $550.00

                            Adults:        $550.00 Can participate in activities


    Three days of program at The Summit -  to include

    Contact Council office for more information
    • Repelling thru the tree canopy
    • 1400 foot zip line
    • Cope course
    • Climbing wall
    • Skate boarding
    • Mountain Biking
    • Whitewater rafting (New River)
    • Stand up water boarding
    • Open evening activities

    Campers will check-in at Durant on Sunday afternoon.   Medical forms will be collected and swim checks will be conducted at this time.  Sunday will include dinner, vesper service and campfire.  You will leave for The Summit after breakfast on Monday - traveling to West Virginia and arriving mid afternoon.  Programming begins on Tuesday morning and runs thru Thursday evening.   Check-out and return to DURANT Friday after breakfast.  You will check out from Durant either Friday evening or Saturday morning.

 ................Upcoming Events.................
2015 spring camporee flyer page 1 495x640 
Mawat Spring Camporee
May 1-3 2015
2015 Spring Cuboree!!
Camp Durant
Camp Campbell Va
...................Past Events...................
Council Camporee October 10 - 12 2014
IGNITE the Spirit!
1700 people attended this event.
Mawat had staff on Shooting sports,Cope and climbing and mountain biking.
Revised Camporee 2014 flyer 12-17-13
TROOP 400 and Troop 39 from Shakori District hosted a
MAY 2nd THROUGH 4th 2014
Over 350 people attended
Occoneechee Council
‘Where the Wild Things Are’
April 25-27, 2014 Camp Durant
Over 1300 people attended
2013 Fall Camporee Patch print lg - Copy 385x640
Fall Camporee
October 11-13 2013
Camp Campbell
A scout skills camporee, come compared to compete in your favorite scout skill events.
Theme is
2013 Mawat Spring Camporee
May 3 - 5 2013
Camp Campbell Va
2012 Mawat Spring Camporee

 Link to camporee page

Camp Reeves | Occoneechee Scout Reservation | Carthage, NC

April 27th to 29th 2012

The "Iron Scout" Camporee

Events included: Canoe Handling, Obstacle Course, Rifle Shooting, BMX Course, Orienteering and more!

Link to pictures of our Camporee



  Annual Kevin Bruce Memorial Cub-o-ree &

 Mawat District Webelos Crossover

Due to the Council Cuboree being held so near our annual date we have the event under review

A great weekend for Family camping. Bring your skits to the Boy Scout Campfire on Saturday night.

Hiking and fishing are available. 


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Youth Protection Training Requirements FAQ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Todd Taft   
Sunday, 25 November 2012 18:15

Frequently Asked Questions about Youth Protection Training Requirements

Squarre Knots

Who is required to take youth protection training?

All registered leaders are required to take the appropriate version(s) of youth protection. In short, if someone is registered in a position where they have to pay a membership fee, they have to take youth protection. It does not matter if the position requires direct youth contact. Additionally, merit badge counselors are required to take youth protection. It is strongly recommended that all adults, including parents, who are involved with your Scouting program or have contact with Scouting youth take youth protection, even if they are not registered leaders.

How often does youth protection need to be taken?

Youth protection training needs to be taken every 2 years.  New leaders should take youth protection within 1 month of registration.

How is the youth protection training requirement enforced?

Adults who do not have a current youth protection certification on file with the council will not be permitted to re-register with your unit at recharter time unless they submit proof of training with your recharter packet.  All adult leaders within a unit must be current with their youth protection training or the charter for the entire unit will be blocked.

Is it possible to "test out" of youth protection training?


Some of my leaders took youth protection online. Why isn't it reflected in their records?

The most common cause of this problem is that that their correct BSA ID number is not listed in their MyScouting account. To fix this, they need to login to their MyScouting account on the national scouting.org web page, select "Update My Profile," then scroll down to the "Membership Info" section, enter their council affiliation (Occoneechee - Raleigh,NC - #421) and BSA Member ID and click the "add" button.

Exploring leaders need to make sure that their ID number is associated with their MyParticipation account. To fix this, they need to login to their MyParticipation account by going to myparticipation.org, select "Update My Profile," then scroll down to the "Membership Info" section, enter their council affiliation (Occoneechee LFL Office - Raleigh, NC) and BSA Member ID and click the "add" button.

Which version of youth protection do my leaders need to take online?

Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and District leaders should take the course titled "Youth Protection Training". This course is listed under the "Cub Scout", "Boy/Varsity Scout", and "General" tabs of the national Scouting E-learning site. This course is listed in training records with the course code Y01.

Venturing leaders should take the course titled "Youth Protection Training - Venturing Version". This course is only listed under the "Venturing" tab of the national Scouting E-learning site. This course is listed in training records with the course code Y02.

Exploring leaders should take the course titled "Youth Protection Training - Exploring Version". This course is only available on the Learning for Life E-Learning site. This course is listed in training records with the course code Y03.

If leaders are registered in more than one type of unit, do they need to take multiple versions of youth protection?

Yes. As an example, a person who is registered as a troop committee member and an associate crew advisor will need to take both the "regular" Cub Scout/Boy Scout youth protection course (Y01) and the Venturing youth protection course (Y02).

How do you get to the national E-learning sites?

To get to the national Scouting E-learning site, Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing leaders should go to www.scouting.org, select the MyScouting link (upper right corner), enter their username and password, and then select the "E-Learning" link on the left side of the page.

To get to the national Learning for Life (Exploring) E-learning site, Exploring leaders should go to exploring.learningforlife.org, select "Youth Protection Training" under the "Resources" menu, select the "click to begin" link under the "Youth Protection Training" heading, enter their username and password, and then select the "E-Learning" link on the left side of the page.

Some people are no longer seeing online training when they login to MyScouting.  Why?

National BSA is in the process of re-writing MyScouting.  Unfortunately, while this is going on, there are 2 versions of MyScouting that are available - the old one, and the new one.  Some tools are only available on the old version of MyScouting, and some tools are only available on the new version of MyScouting.  People who use bookmarks to connect to MyScouting may have bookmarked the wrong one.  As of November 2012, online training is only available on the old version of MyScouting.  See the previous question for instructions on how to get to the correct version of MyScouting.

I have people who want to take youth protection with an instructor rather than a computer. Is that possible?

Yes. The Cub Scout/Boy Scout version of youth protection is scheduled to be taught before roundtable on January 17, 2013 and February 21, 2013. On both of these days, it is scheduled for 6PM at Glendale Heights UMC on Leon St. in Durham. Additional instructor-led youth protection sessions (including other versions of the course) may be arranged by contacting the district training chair.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 November 2012 22:36
Exploring PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 12:29

Exploring programs are based on five areas of emphasis:

Career Opportunities

Youth develop contacts that will broaden employment options

Life Skills

They develop physical and mental fitness while experiencing positive social interaction.


They are encouraged to help others, leading to a new respect for the basic rights of others.

Character Education

They support making ethical choices while fulfilling one’s responsibilities to society as a whole.

Leadership Experience

Leadership skills are honed, expanded and shared.
Leader Resources PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 12:06
Cub Scouts
Boy Scouts
Marketing & PR
Open House/Joining Event:
BSA PR Guides:
National Marketing:
& Fundraising  
New Leaders


(Journey to Excellence)  
Medical Forms
Parts A&B (Standard Form) 
Part A/B/C  (Doctor Physical)
Full Form (High Adventure)
Tour & Activity Plan
Health & Safety

Council Info

  This page is a work-in-progress...keep checking back for more!

Scouting's Journey to Excellence

"Scouting’s Journey to Excellence” is the BSA’s new council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our Units, Districts, and Councils. It is replacing the Centennial Quality Awards Program as a means of encouraging excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.
To report Unit Service Hours, cllick the Good Turn for America logo (left)
to be directed to their website.
**Service hours must be recorded on this website to count towards the Journey to Excellence Unit requirements.
Unit Leaders, If you have any questions about the Journey to Excellence requirements please contact your Unit Commissioner or the Mawat District Commissioner, Todd Taft.
Last Updated on Thursday, 29 August 2013 19:57
Summer Cub Scout Day Camp PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 12:00

Patch 2014 CSDC


Travel to a galaxy far, far, away and join the search for new life and new civilization on Planet Cub Scout.


STAR DATE: June 16-20, 2014

STAR BASE: Rock quarry Park, Durham, NC


Fee : $125 to attend daycamp at planet cub scout

Tigers and their adult partner - visit on Wednesday for $40 (Council is correcting fee on website)


updated FLYER


 Registration is open! 

Camper Registration here

youth volunteer application here (coming soon!)

adult volunteer application here (comming soon!)

(scout buddy program is available)


Parent Guide coming soon...


questions? Contact durhamscoutsdaycamp@gmail.com




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