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Want to join Scouting in Durham County? Here's how!

Find a Cub Scout Pack in Durham! Find a Boy Scout Troop in Durham! Find a Venturing Crew in Durham!
Boys 7-10 years old or Grades 1-5 Boys 11-17 years old Co-Ed 14-20 years old

First, pick a program!

View photos of Durham Scouts enjoying typical Scouting activities.

* Cub Scouts - For boys in the first through fifth grades.
* Boy Scouts - For boys from age 11 to 17.
* Venturing - For young men and women from age 14 to 20.

Next, use the menu on the right to visit a unit and sign up!

The menu on the right presents a Contacts and a Map link for each of the scouting Units (ex: Boy Scout Contacts, Boy Scout Map). Find out your nearest unit by using the map link, and then use the contact link to get the individual who will help you get involved! 

You can sign up for Scouting anytime. Just use the contact information available for the Scouting unit you're interested in, and you'll get all the information you need to know. If you're not sure which program or which unit is best, you can request more information and a Scouting representative will help you get started in Scouting.

In all Scouting programs, the safety and protection of youth participants is of utmost importance. Learn more about how Scouting keeps youth members safe.