2013 Camporee Print

Welcome to the Mawat/Orange District 2013 Spring camporee page

Your District volunteers and Troop 411 are exited to announce.....


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Review the leaders guide often to make sure you are informed of changes to our program as they occur

Link to 2013 Spring Camporee Leaders Guide

Link to the registration page

2013 Mawat Orange camporee registration

The Page below has pictures and information about camp campbell

Link to Mawat District Camp Campbell page

All the information on how to get to camp, a campsite directory with pictures on a google earth map that has all the trails, water spigots and roads on it.

Can also be printed as a TOPO but you must have google earth to see it.

Link To Mawat District Occoneechee Council camps page

We are aware that google docs is not sending confirmation emails at this time, we are working on this issue.

When you hit submit a window will pop up, inside that confirmation window is a link to a temporary form to use for council payment.


Check in procedure

Upon arrival at camp each unit will be permitted one vehicle and trailer in camp.

Campbell has one lane roads and it will lead to a big issue and actually slow down check in unless we do it this way. Exceptions can be made for health reasons, like a breathing mask ect,

Each unit should pack as much gear as they can in the campsite vehicle and trailer, camporee staff will also have a vehicle to assist.

Once you arrive in camp report to the registration hut as a unit, have one person stay to complete registration and the rest of the unit will be guided to your campsite.

Have your unit patrol roster ready and your unit swim check sheet filled in when you arrive to save time, a Scout is courteous to those waiting to register behind them.

Review all the forms in the leaders guide and print what you need for each patrol and be aware of what will be on the inspection sheet for Saturday, ( This is a learning tool only no one will be penalized in any way and a chance for your unit to display a great campsite to the rest of the units attending)

Gateways are allowed, just follow the rule of not tree larger in diameter than a pop can is able to be cut down.







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